Top Builder & Residential 2BHK Flats for Rent & Sale in Porur, Chennai

There are abundance of choices and ideas and suggestions you have from all corners that you could easily get confused with! Finding the 2BHK Flats for Rent in Porur is challenging, but can be a lot easier with these little trips:

Residential 2bhk flats in porur, chennai
Residential 2bhk flats in porur, chennai

Peer suggestions:

If there are friends and relatives and family members who have recently bought a luxury 2bhk flats or 2bhk apartment in porur, you may go ahead and enquire them for the amenities they got for the money paid, facilities and features, and so on.

Check out the money lending options they availed, factors they considered before zeroing in on an apartment, and other details that are lingering in your mind.

Check with the building constructors in your locale:

For buying luxury flats in Porur, you will have to check with the building constructor in your locale and gather details. There may be advertisements or online posts that enticed your interest. Seek further details by contacting the respective builder and ask for comprehensive details of the apartment, whether it is approved from the government body and so on.

Check online:

There are a number of online sites, portals and communities where you can discuss regarding the Top Builders in Chennai. There are social networking platforms exclusively available to discuss about the flats available for sale. You may enquire such posts you find in social media groups or other communities and arrive at a decision.

Testimonials :

Check out the official website of building constructor you prefer to go with. There may be client testimonials and user experiences where they would have shared the pros and cons of the respective builder. Check them out and decide whether it is worthy to go with the builder. You may in fact get in touch in person with the user who has posted the testimonial and verify its authenticity.

There are a lot more ways in which you can actually arrive at apartments near Porur! A bit more research and hunting for the best is the key to identifying the one that suits your need like JKB Housing! Go on and grab your apartment and cherish the joy of buying a luxury apartment. Remember, you have endless choices to go with.

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Where can I get Budget 2BHK Flat in Porur to live with a family?

These days, people have realized that they have been spending a good amount every month on Flats for rent in Porur. It is high time that people started to own a place that they can call their dream home. It is now very much possible for every person to own an apartment or build a house, due to easy availability of home loans and grants from the government. Moreover, the reputed developers in the region are offering lucrative deals and offers to lure prospective clients to buy 2BHK flat in Mugalivakkam at affordable rates. Many are even found to take some booking amount and offer installment facilities, thus making it much easier for people to own their home.

Excellent investment

With property rates steadily increasing with every passing day, investing in 3BHK flat in porur is indeed a great and wise idea. In order to make the most from the investment, it will be useful to buy flats only from reputed builders, who have earned their name by developing numerous apartments of all sizes and meant for all categories. Besides being beautiful looking and built in accordance with the Vaastu Shastra, the flat purchased needs to offer safety, security and comfort to the family. There should be sufficient space for accommodating the different household items, furniture and fittings and other things that will be required to make a home.


If the person plans to stay in luxury and style and pamper his family, then he can always book one of the 3BHK flat in Mugalivakkam that is known to offer immense luxury and top class facilities to its residents. Although it will be a bit more expensive than the ordinary flats sold in the region, the range of amenities that are provided with it does justify the expenditure. As a matter of fact, residential properties have become the hot favorite among buyers in all categories. Many owners are even giving out their new Flats for rent in Mugalivakkam to earn extra money that is indeed a good lumpsum.

Comfort and luxury redefined

The Top Builders in Chennai have been trying to offer their clients with residential properties that are laden with the best facilities and amenities, stylish interiors and much more, thus adding to the current status symbol. With the present real estate market witnessing stagnant period for quite some time due to new laws passed on by the government, this is indeed the perfect time to make investments in land and properties. This will help the investor to enjoy better returns in the near future and not even having to wait for a long time.


The rates of Flats for rent in Madhananthapuram mainly depend upon the amenities offered and its location. It will be wise to check out and compare the different apartments on sale, the facilities and unique features offered by them and their location as well as their rates. This way, the person can make a well informed selection. Flats also make excellent investment options.

Top 10 Facts to know before Buying or Renting Apartments/Flats in Mugalivakkam, Porur

Are you searching for 2bhk flats in porur chennai? Maybe you plan on taking them for rent or buy them. Whatever the reason, there are several factors which you need to take into consideration before you step forward. Buying or renting an apartment is not a joke. There are so many things which you need to beware of to ensure that you are making the right decision.

flats for sale in valasaravakkam

Chennai is a huge city and there are so many areas where several flats and apartments have been build. The situation is pretty grim because most of the land have been occupied and high rise buildings have come up. You cannot find space anywhere in Chennai. That leaves you with very less options. Though builders and flats are everywhere, not everything that meets the eye is good.

Facts to know before buying or renting apartments

Is the flat reliable?

The flat which is build or ready for moving in has to be built on solid ground. You are aware last year due the storms, there was flooding in several parts of the city. Many people lost their lives and many are still suffering today because of their inability to repair their homes. Flood waters entered inside many homes, in some cases up to the second floor in certain flats. You do not want to end up in similar situations during floods. So, make sure the flats you intend to buy or rent is build on stable ground.

The reputation of the builder

The reputation of the top builders in chennai is very important. The main problem is that, many builders claim to be the best in town. How can you find that out? This is when, you need to talk to your family members and colleagues who have used the services of a builder. When you do that, it helps you find out more on some builders who can provide you with reliable flats.

The builders reputation should not be at stake. Some builders use bad materials which has resulted in buildings collapsing. You certainly don’t want to end up living in an apartment which has been made using bad quality materials.

Use the Internet

As always use the Internet and find out more on the flats and builder. You do not want to end up living in a dangerous flat. There are so many things which you have to consider. You can find out through the Internet. You need to just type in what you are looking for and you get the results. There are also forums where users would have put up their feedback on the flats and the area they are residing. This will give you a good idea on the current situation there, which is very important before you move in.


As you can see choosing Budget flats near porur is not an easy task. There are so many things which you need to take into consideration. Use the above pointers and then make your decision. Chennai is a large place and so are the number of builders who will claim big things. Sadly, only a few are reliable and that is why you need to take things slowly.

Find Your Dream Flats & Apartments for Rent & Sale near Porur, Chennai

To identify the best flats near Porur in chennai city,  you have a lot of simple methods that can help you. Listing below are some of those that are much practiced.

flats for sale in valasaravakkam

Check out online portals:

A number of leading builders and flat promoters have a very strong online presence. You can find thorough details of all their projects on their website along with precise details of location, pricing, area covered, and so on.


Get references from your friends, family and neighbors regarding the best flat promoter in your locale. Perhaps someone in your circle has already bought a luxury flats in Porur. Enquiring them can give you a fair idea about what to go with.

Visit them in person:

Visit the builder or promoter in person and explain your requirements and desires regarding flats for sale in valasaravakkam. Explain your budget and all the amenities you are looking forward to have in your new home. Help them in suggesting the best option for you by articulating your needs and desires.

With these simple ways, you can figure out the best apartments near porur or apartment for sale in porur chennai that can be for sale or rent as per your choice.

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Book Your dream 2 & 3BHK Residential Flats for Sale in Madhananthapuram, Porur

JKB Housing was started in 2002 with the primary goal of providing unmatched customer service in the field of property development and management. Their unique approach to business ensures your satisfaction in all your interactions with them. Distinguished for ideal locations, functional designs, superior quality, timely delivery and exceptional customer care, renowned for ethical dealings and honest pricing,

JKB Housing remains as the most trusted homemakers of chennai, where happiness, comfort, peace of mind and luxury resides. For location, design, finishes and services JKB Housing is unmatchable. Homes that carry a signature of our long-standing commitment to excellence in delivering superior value have earned them the TRUST,  CONFIDENCE  and RESPECT of home seekers. With this motto, JKB has earned the title of one of the Top Builders in Chennai. It is also known for its quality residential flats in Chennai.

3BHK Residential Flats for Sale in Madhananthapuram
3BHK Residential Flats for Sale in Madhananthapuram

Looking for flats for rent in Porur? Here are a few upcoming projects from JKB that can make your search easier.

JKB Housing has its new project JKB SRIVARI Apartment at  Plot No.104, Devadass Street, Gurusamy Nagar, Mugalivakkam. If you are looking for Flats for rent in Mugalivakkam, this building is located nearby DLF IT park and popular schools like Omega International, PSBB School and Pon Vidhyashram School. Everything is easily accessible and within reach to Porur Junction. JKB Srivari Enclave has Ground + 2 Floors. There are only 5 Flats with lift in the building. JKB Srivari Enclave scheduled to be complete by the end of June’ 2018.This is an ideal location if you are looking for 2 BHK flats in Mugalivakkam. The building also has bigger flats and will be ideal for those looking for  3BHK flats in Madhananthapuram too.

JKB PRIME Apartment is the ongoing project at Jai Nagar, Valasaravakkam. It is located nearby Arcot Road. Nearby landmarks include Reliance Trends, Holly Cross Matriculation School, Devi Academy School  at Valasaravakkam. JKB Prime has 5 premium flats (Ground + 2 Floors) with Lift provision. JKB Prime luxury apartment has scheduled to be completed by the end of May 2018.

JKB Green Orchid is the ongoing project at Madhananthapuram. It is located nearby DLF IT park and popular schools like Omega International, PSBB School, Pon Vidhyashram  School.  JKB Green Orchid has Ground + 2 Floors in that only 5 Flats with lift.

All the above are great options for those of you looking for 2BHK flats in Porur.

Best Child Developmental Delay Centre for Slow Learners near CMBT Metro in Chennai

It is always recommended for students with disabilities to study along with their non-disabled peers. As much as possible, this practice has to be followed. In fact, the total percentage of students studying with learning disabilities spending time in general education classrooms have got substantially increased in the recent decades.

Child speech therapy in chennai
Child speech therapy in chennai

There are a number of strategies that are practiced in these schools to aid such children with special education services in these general education settings. Below are some of the common strategies:

  • Special Education Centre in Chennai provides such children with laptops so as to assist them in writing or taking quick notes in classes
  • These children are made to sit close to the teacher without much distraction. They will be given with oral reports rather than essay writing
  • As compared to other students, these disabled students are given lesser burden of homework and assignments
  • At these Child Development Centre in Chennai, there are paraprofessionals to help students in different kinds of tasks like taking notes, highlighting key points, and so on
  • When your child is unable to cope with such general classroom session, you may consider placing the child in Developmental Delay Centre Chennai so as to experience success

As a parent, one has to think of the possibilities of placing their child in a general classroom session before opting for such Best Autism Specialist Doctor in Chennai. Chaitanya therapy is one such therapy centres where you can get clear guidance in these regards.

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How to Book the Family Hotel Resort near SRM University, Vandalur in Chennai?

Here we have some quick tips on how to select the right hotel for you near VIT campus. It is always good to have many choices, but when you are inundated with too many of them, things get confusing. This is applicable also while choosing the Hotel near SRM University in Chennai.

There are hundreds of hotel booking sites where you can feed your search details: budget, date of booking, city where you need the hotel booked, and so on. While there may be very cheap hotels popping up in the suggestion list, it is always ideal to go with nominally priced ones as you can expect them to be decent enough. There are various other filtering options such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Valet parking, laundry services, and so on. Choose your desired services before you take a final call.

Check out the map:

There is nothing to worry about reaching the place as long as you have Google Map, your best pal in telling you routes. While looking for hotels rooms in vandalur, you are perhaps already familiar with the locale and looking just for an accommodation. Even if not so, you may rely on Google Maps to aid you with the address. It can let you know whether the hotel is located close to airport or railway station or whether it is a Hotel near VIT Chennai, and so on.

What are your specific needs?

There are priorities with each and every traveler. While one may need a free breakfast, others may not need so. They would rather demand a free dinner or others. So, decide what is important to you at the Hotel near MEPZ Tambaram, Chennai. You may need Wi-Fi connectivity or an internet connection along with a computer system for free.

Reception availability:

Check out your travel time. If your travel time ends at the night, your check in time into the hotel will fall at night. In such cases, you need to make sure that the hotel has 24 hours reception. And get all the other doubts clarified too.

Is it a smoking room or non-smoking one?

Are there toiletries available there?

Do you have hair drier for usage?

Keep in mind that you should understand your personal needs while surfing for the list of hotels. There are other trivial elements of identifying hotels. It is better that you ignore them!

While looking for Hotels near Oragadam, the most preferred destination for travelers is Vandalur Hotels. There are 108 air conditioned rooms. Business travelers widely prefer the hotel for a comfortable stay. Those seeking quality and affordability and business-conscious undoubtedly choose the hotel.

kalyan hotels is located at the southern part of Chennai on GST Road in Vandalur. It is located just at 14km distance from Chennai International Airport and at 6 km distance from Tambaram railway station. It is also a Hotel near Maraimalai Nagar and SRM University Chennai. For your ideal travel need, Vandalur Hotels is the best choice.

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How Can Occupational Therapy help with Mental Health Children Chennai

For instance, children who find it troublesome to hold a pencil or pen tight may have trouble in completing his assignments on time. There may be people who have difficulties in organizing things. Backpacking with materials to school may be tough for a few. For all these, Occupational Therapy in Chennai can help.

In what ways can occupational therapy help kids suffering with learning issues and attention problems? There may not be any clear connection between them. However, coordination, strength and control and other day to day self-care skills are some of the reasons for these troubles. All these together will cause academic difficulties.

Occupational Therapy in Chennai
How can Occupational Therapy help my Autistic Child in Chennai

Benefit of occupational therapy for Child ?

Who is an occupational therapist? An occupational therapist is one who is a trained specialist who aids people in performing daily activities. They deal with all age groups having different challenges. They aid children in a various ways in all those who have issues with learning and attention. In occupational therapy, skills such as fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and cognitive skills including both physical space and objects are focused.

Qualification of an occupational therapist:

An occupational therapist should have completed a master’s degree. He would perform an assessment of child’s issues and make a plan for addressing all these issues. An associate’s degree is compulsory with an occupational therapy assistant. He would perform all evaluations with the supervision of licensed OT. The primary aim of occupational therapy is for aiding children in getting self-dependent in their day to day activities.

Here are some of the examples that an OT may help children with:

Self-care tasks such as brushing or buttoning clothes or eating with utensils Coordination between hand and eye and write in classroom sessions, copy content on notebook when the teacher teaches and writes on board. This is achieved with Handwriting Improvement Classes in Chennai Fine motor skills such as grasping and holding a writing tool or scissor or so Well planning and organizing – planning a trip or taking the musical instrument for the following class, and so on Fixing behavioral problems when they feel angry or annoyed Giving proper response with sorting sensory processing issues and respond to all kinds of sensations The need for any sort of special equipment is understood by the OT. He can thus aid the child with any simple pencil grip or a software that is voice activated for taking notes.

The OT may work close with the teacher and aid the student in achieving his goals as preplanned in the Special Education Centre in Chennai. The OT also gains a fair understanding about the parents and teachers and the capabilities of the child.

These Best Autism Treatment Centre in Chennai come with a lot of benefits. Students with such issues gain more independence and turn to be successful in their lives, especially in case of very young children. They gain more independence and understand their parents or teachers better. And they have better and improved concentration.

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Special Education Center for Child Development in Velachery, Chennai

Occupational therapy is the method of analyzing and treating the physical and psychiatric conditions of individuals. For this, they make use of specified set of purposeful activities intending to prevent disability. The therapy on the whole aids in improving independent functioning in everyday life.

During the therapy, an occupational therapist at occupational therapy centre in Chennai analyses the physical and psychological and social functions. He identifies if there is any dysfunction and depending on his analysis, the individual is suggested with a structured program to combat disability and overcome it.

speech therapy centre in chennai
speech therapy centre in chennai


A number of courses are available for occupational therapy. Institutes in India offer various Bachelors as well as Masters program in the niche. The UG course is for 4 years, and PG is most commonly for 2 years or 3 years in a few colleges. An occupational therapist is he who completes his Masters in the field.

When to go for occupational therapy?

If a child is found to have difficulty in practical and social skills required for day to day activities, attention needs to be given. The physical, psychological and social independence of a child is very important. An occupational therapist can largely help with it. He associates in close connection with the child and their family, educational institution and other medical practitioners.

For instance, the therapist will associate with the school system and incorporate changes like classroom equipment, bring new programs and children’s activities so that it eases the child’s growth. A therapist handles such children both personally as well as in groups at school or in classroom sessions.

Below are some of the conditions when parents need to look for an occupational therapist:

Gross motor skills that supports actions involving arms and legs to roll, crawl, jump, run, hop, or skip. Fine motor skills that aids in movements of hands and fingers. In-hand manipulation, carrying or moving small objects, etc are involved in this.

Cognitive perceptual skills involving understanding, being attentive, concentrating, thinking or reasoning or problem solving and understanding concepts like size and color are affected Sensory integration where there is the ability to taken in, give response to the given input, etc. Visual motor skills where the child’s perception of information based on movements such as copying are involved.

Motor planning skill where the child will plan hi things and implement the planned ideas Oral motor skills that is about the movement of mouth, tongue, lips, etc for chewing, biting, sucking, etc.

Skills to play :

Socio-emotional skills involving ability to talk to others Daily living involving dressing up, grooming oneself, toilet activities, etc. One such Best Speech Therapy Centre in Chennai is Chaitanya Therapy where there are expert occupational therapists to provide topnotch attention to each and every child and bring a changeover the children in a very few weeks of the therapy. This is the Special Education Center in Chennai. Here, they also provide handwriting improvement classes and serve as an all-inclusive centre.

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Vision Vidyashram World School Vellore | Admission Open for Pre School to Higher Schools.

Vision Vidyashram School takes pride in providing a caring atmosphere to all its students. It aims to develop cholarly students with great self-discipline, intense perseverance and a zeal to excel which are the qualities required to meet the challenges of the modern society. The school seeks your utmost co-operation and support at all times to achieve the high standards set.

Best International School in Vellore
Best International School in Vellore

This page gives information about Vision Vidyashram World School, its address and location, academic information, infrastructure and facilities etc. Vision Vidyashram World School is a school affiliated to IGCSE syllabus. Vision Vidyashram World School is located in Vellore,Tamil Nadu. This school is affiliated to IGCSE and offers the Cambridge IGCSE exams at the 10th grade level.

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Vision Vidyashram World School Admissions Open for 2017-18 

Address Vision Vidyashram World School:

#18, 10th East Main Road,
Gandhi Nagar, Vellore – 632009
Mobile: 074186 07508