Find Luxury & A/C Hotel near CMC Hospitals and How to Get Accommodation in Vellore City?

If you are planning to visit Vellore sometime with your family, then you will read about this amazing and great city.

The city of Vellore is known for the food, climate, and the hospitals in Vellore. The history of Vellore is very interesting. It was formed during the 18th century itself. The British found this place very fascinating because of its climate. Though they are from a cool area, Vellore brought some heat into them and the forces.

Luxury & A/C Hotel near CMC Hospitals & Get Accommodation in Vellore

Hospitals in Vellore

The most popular Hospital in Vellore or entire India, is the Christian Medical Hospital, which was founded in 1900 by Dr. Ida Scudder. Today the hospital is offering medical health care to millions of patients all round the world. The research center has also being formed in CMC as it is known.

Vellore is also known for its important educational institutes like the VIT University (Vellore Institute of Technology), Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology, Thiruvalluvar University, Voorhees College, and others. They have been established for many decades now and have been providing education for thousands of students from all over India and the world.

Accommodation in Vellore

The accommodation in Vellore is several. You have many lodges and hotels which provide accommodation services based on your requirements. They are based on your financial abilities and capabilities. There is 2 star and 5 star hotels and accommodations in this amazing place. You will find them located throughout the city.


There is plenty to see and explore in Vellore using different Travels in Vellore and have a pleasant stay here.


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