Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Productivity with Sales CRM Tool on Your Business

CRM Software holds equal importance to both small and medium business and large organizations. It helps your company to align vital information across all departments and improves the overall flow. Robust and efficient softwares like JBCRM and Sales Force provide functionalities which can increase productivity by leaps and bounds.

CRM for Small Teams & Sales People

5 Features of CRM Software can Help Your Sales Team to Increase Efficiency :

1. Email Integration:

Good CRM softwares like JBCRM, provide email integration. With this you will be able to send, access and organise emails from the application itself. You can create default proposal template from backend to be send via email and get rid of writing similar emails every time. Another important feature of CRM software is read count of emails. Read count notifies you once the email has been read by your prospect and helps avoid a situation where the email goes to your customers spam folder and you waste days expecting a reply.

2. Workflow Automation:

Have you ever faced a situation where your account department missed to create invoices for a client, even after the deal was closed? You can easily avoid such situation with work flow automation feature in your Sales CRM Tool. This feature will automatically create a task for account department just after deal is closed. My team uses the workflow automation feature very effectively. Once you make an entry of your follow up activity like a missed call to client, your software will automatically create a new follow up task for the next day. Automation reduces human efforts and errors and allows your organization to spend time on more productive tasks.

3. Synchronized and Documented Communication:

If multiple team members are dealing with a single client, synchronized communication becomes extremely important. An efficient feature of CRM software will document all communication i.e. emails exchanged, presentations sent, proposals shared with the client in a structured manner. At times sales cycle lasts over months and during this time span your sales team will experience layoffs, new recruits or promotions. CRM software allows you to have a communication log using which all your team members can remain on the same page.

4. SMS and Email Automation:

Do you receive email and SMS from websites as soon as you submit your contact details or make a purchase from brick and mortar stores?A good CRM with SMS integration will allow you to enable this activity within a couple of minutes. Such automated emails and SMS help you create presence in customer’s quick touch points and increase brand recall value.

5. Lead Rating:

With the help of a CRM, one can mark a prospect as cold, warm or hot depending on its conversion potential. This helps in prioritizing the leads and thus resource allocation to them. Such classification will also help the team to organize and schedule their follow up on each lead so that optimum sales closure is achieved.

JBCRM is considered one of the best sales and marketing automation software with an open source interface. This platform is designed to run on Ruby on Rails, which is a powerful script that is used widely worldwide for enterprise application.

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