Importance Of Co-Ordination Between The Mind And The Body of Children

Think about it: To perform well in school, children must do many things that require their mind and muscles to work together as a team. In fact, all communication skills- reading, writing, speaking, and gesturing- are motor-based abilities. chaitanya therapy provides best handwriting improvement classes chennai.

We often think of them strictly as academic skills, but for example, in learning to write, a child must not only know the alphabet and understand how words are performed by combining letters but also translate that knowledge into action by gripping, moving and stabilizing a pencil while using perception (sight) to adjust her or his movements in order to create the correct pattern. In order for the child to learn, the mind and the body must work together.

Best Autism Treatment Centre in Chennai
Best Autism Treatment Centre in Chennai

Why do kids need Perceptual-Motor experiences?

Perceptual-Motor skills allow sensory information to be successfully obtained and understood with appropriate reaction. Perceptual deals with obtaining information and motor refer to the outcome of movement. Thus perceptual-motor activities require children to use their brain and body together to accomplish tasks- for example, walking on a balance beam while reciting the alphabet.

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