How to Find The List of Best Colleges in Vellore and Hotels in Vellore City?

If you are from Vellore or planning to visit the awesome place, you will want to know a thing or two about this historical city. The city of Vellore is known for several things like the Temples in Vellore, Shopping Places in Vellore and Gold Rate in Vellore. We will read a little about each one of them in this post. Vellore was formed during the 18th century itself.

Temples in Vellore :

Some of the most important temples which are built in Vellore are the Jalakandeswarar Temple, Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple, and Sri Murugan Temple. You can find several important and significant temples in and around Vellore. Many people from the neighboring cities and villages come down for a weekend visit to these temples.

Colleges in Vellore :

Few of the most important educational institutes in Vellore are Christian Medical College & Hospital, VIT University (Vellore Institute of Technology), Thiruvalluvar University, Voorhees College, Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology, and others. These educational institutes have been known to provide education for thousands of students who are from all over India and the world.

Colleges and University in Vellore
Colleges and University in Vellore

CMC hospital and VIT University in particular are known world over and it is not surprising to see students getting placed in multi-national firms once they finish their degree. Getting admission into these prestigious educational institutes requires the students to appear for entrance exams and then attend the interview.

Real Estate Builders in vellore :

The main areas of Vellore include Town, Katpadi, Bagayam, and Sathuvachari. These areas are massively developing with the population of the city increasing every day. The property in Vellore is an in thing today. There is lot of demand for the real estate in the city of Vellore due to the intense competition.

You can find several builders providing services in the real estate like building new homes and selling them. They also find plots for sale. The real estate is a very hot topic which is often debated among people living in Vellore. The simple reason for that is because Vellore is home to many people from India and worldwide.

Shopping places in Vellore :

There are many places to do your shopping in Vellore. You have Chennai Silks, Great Buys, Max, and other international brands like Lee, Levis, and Wrangler showrooms in and around Vellore. These showrooms sell some of the most popular brand names in the world. You can find what you want at reasonable prices when compared to other cities like Chennai and Coimbatore.

Today you can find several businessmen who came to Vellore with nothing few decades ago, have become well settled and are thriving with their respective works. Overall, the city of Vellore is a happening place with lots of commercial industries growing and developing. Almost all the fields are growing rapidly.


As you can see, Vellore has so many things to see and explore. If you are planning to come down here something, then make sure to use the different kinds of Travels in Vellore and enjoy your stay here.


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