How to Creating Meaningful Speech Therapy For The Child with Speech Therapy Centre in Chennai?

How does Therapy Become Meaningful to a Child?

A child has been in speech therapy for over a year. The Therapist initially started working on some sounds for an entire year and the child made very little progress during the time. The therapist had a lot of queries as to why the child has not made any progress in the past year.

What was the Reason for the Lack in Progress?

As the therapist started to dig deeper into the issue, the therapist found out the reason for less progress. Therapist had goals for “sh” “ch” and “th” sounds. But when the therapist had discussion with the parent, the therapist came to know that all the names of the family members include “dz” sounds.

Special Education Center in Chennai
Special Education Center in Chennai

The Therapist had no idea how important working on “dz” sounds are. The child has been hearing the names produced wrong, all day, every day. No wonder the child’s family saw no progress. Progress will happen quicker when therapists work on words that the kids use frequently.

Therapy will be much more fun when we are work on the names of classmates, favorite dishes and restaurants etc. The child will definitely show more progress.

Dr Geeva Kamal Raj
Chaitanya Therapy Centre

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