Do You Know about How to Improve Your Kids Education by Best Autism Treatment Centre in Chennai?

A child who has poor and illegible handwriting should be joined to the Handwriting Improvement Classes in Chennai. There are a number of parameters that are used by educators and teachers to determine the hand-writing and pencil grip in school- aged children as young as 9 to 10 years. The parameters like use of appropriate spacing between letters and words, accuracy of letter formation, legibility, letter size uniformity, letter slant, and alignment of words on the sheet are used as important tool in the assessment of improper pencil grip in children.

Handwriting Improvement Classes in Chennai

Research conducted suggested that the majority of the children with handwriting abnormalities develop symptoms of learning disabilities in coming years. The research study on 60 school-aged children to assess the handwriting skills in accordance with the pencil grip and identified that the children who presented with poor handwriting also performed poorly at pencil gripping test (drawing tasks) and also manifested symptoms of impaired proprioceptive-kinesthetic awareness.

The Best Autism Treatment Centre in Chennai is helpful in all such children as the trained therapists can identify and diagnose improper pencil grip reflex earlier than the healthcare providers and advise therapies for treatment. Playing sports in which the palmar aspect of the hand is in upright position helps in improving the proprioception and kinetic stability.

This can be achieved by promoting the participation of the child in sports that employ the use of racquet or paddles (table tennis or volleyball). Other helpful activities that help are encouraging children to play with pop bubble wrapper, playing jump-rope, encouraging children to wash cars, or clean tables using sponges (to allow development of palmar reflexes), string games and play-doh activities, yoga and exercises.

Different children grow at different rates and therefore it is very important that the distance from the blackboard, posture of the child in the classroom, and posture of the child on the desk or chair should be observed closely in order to improve coordination, development of reflexes and posture stability. If you admit your child to a Special Education Center in Chennai they become a normal child and develop excellent habits.

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